Video Production – With ever decreasing attention spans, Make sure your content hits the mark really fast.


We all know that media consumption has changed. People now regularly use the internet (and their phones and tablet), as complete entertainment systems; doing everything from listening to music, surfing the web, and of course watching videos. One crucial change that has happened as a result of all this readily available is that there is now more competition for continuously decreasing attention spans. So if you are looking for video production services in Fort Lauderdale, make you sure you select an agency that understands that content has to grab attention and communicate the contained message quickly and effectively.

The idea of shortening attention spans is more than just conventional wisdom; it is backed by science and data. According to studies by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, people only watch most videos for an average of 2 minutes 42 seconds. In fact, overall the average attention span of people in 2015 was only 8.25 seconds, a decrease from the comparatively longer attention span of 12 seconds people held in the year 2000. The point is; any video content put out by your company for marketing your company through video content in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in the world, needs to be produced with that in mind. You simply do not have a lot of time to grab attention, and you have a much smaller window of time in order to keep it.

While there are quite a number of video production companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the question you must ask yourself is; are they creating and designing videos for today’s audiences. After all, even a well-produced high-quality video can be ineffective if it fails to adequately, and quickly, capture the audience’s attention. Fort Lauderdale video companies must adapt to today’s audiences and media platforms. It’s no longer appropriate to produce only produce a video with the format of the traditional TV commercial. In fact, your video content doesn’t even have to be limited to services like YouTube and Vimeo; video segments are great for social media like Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat.

You may be thinking to yourself “how do I communicate my brand’s message and content, with such a limited window of time to get attention?” Well, this is where your local Video Production company should be able to step in a provide advice and inspiration. The answer may not only be as simple as just “make the video shorter” but perhaps it could be where a longer idea is spread out through a series of short videos. Or if the video is ultimately going to be longer, then the intro to the video will be extra important for keeping eyeballs on the screen and getting your message communicated effectively. 

The point is that any marketing strategy using video media in its advertising must make sure that that the video is being used as effectively as possible. People simply do not have the same levels of attention and patience as they once did before. As a business owner or a marketer, you must make sure to work with agencies who understand how to adapt to a changing audience.